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Data Acquisition

GIS Southwest provides data acquisition services that embraces the full spectrum of technology solutions. Different technologies that are available to GIS Southwest are;

  • Algorithm based GIS data conversion
  • Vector > Vector conversion i.e. CAD to GIS formats (.DXF to ARC)
  • Raster > Raster conversion. i.e. TIF to JPG formats
  • Table digitizing
  • Heads up digitizing i.e. Vector tracing over raster background display
  • Raster to vector, semi automated, operator assisted GIS data conversion
  • Scanning
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) based field data collection

Each of these technologies offer various cost effectiveness versus accuracy of the converted or collected data to suit every budget. The data acquired this way can also be integrated with client's corporate data in heterogeneous computing environments. GIS Southwest has all the necessary equipment and resources to even fast track the acquisition.


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