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GIS Southwest develops Geographic Information Systems specific applications in three formats: 

  • Corporate GIS Applications
    When an organization needs to either automate or reengineer a business process that requires analytical or display and query aspects of spatial data, GIS Southwest provides services in developing custom applications. These are developed in close coordination and cooperation of the client and specifically for their needs. These needs may take form of developing and maintaining specialized and proprietary GIS data sets. For example, a specific query application may be developed for an environmentally damaged site for litigation support and this may be used in the court of law in front of a jury. To supplement this application, specific data containing toxic values for the site may also be developed for the case. This may also be held proprietary and confidential if desired.
  • "Shrink-wrap" GIS Applications for vertical markets
    GIS Southwest also develops "shrink-wrap" GIS applications for vertical markets such as local governments, retail business, etc. This applications are designed to be operated by the users with little or no knowledge of Geographic Information Systems and to be sold over the counter.
  • Applications for in-house use
    GIS Southwest has also developed extensive suites of GIS applications for its own in-house use. These include Quality Assurance and Quality Control related programs, Automation, production and cartographic output related programs. Some of these programs have been customized for client in-house use when requested.


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