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GIS Southwest provides Service Bureau services in several ways:

  • Strategic Planning / Decision Systems: In many instances, Geographic Information Systems promise to become a vital and strategic component of an organization. If such need is identified, it is more appropriate to bring the Geographic Information Systems as a strategic planning tool and as an Executive Decision Systems tool in-house within the organization as opposed to acquiring it in the form of consulting services.
  • In House GIS Service Bureau: Depending on individual needs, GIS Southwest can assist in developing a blueprint for the Service Center, acquiring hardware, software, developing data, qualifying and hiring staff or training existing staff and developing GIS based applications to delivering end user services on behalf of the organization. In these instances, GIS Southwest serves as virtual staff for the organization. These services can be configured as total turn-key services or any combination of the components described above.
  • End User Services: In other instances, some organizations may wish to out-source the GIS services and benefit from the packaged delivery of end user services from GIS Southwest without having to invest in the hardware, software, data, training or other costs. These services are pre-arranged and pre-defined on contractual basis and GIS Southwest can provide desired end products and services on an ongoing basis.
  • Data Libraries: GIS Southwest also operates and maintains public and proprietary library of GIS data coverage. Due to our extensive innovative and sometimes ground breaking work with government, we have the means to maintain high quality GIS databases. These are available on subscription basis.

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