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Land Use map for Cave Creek, AZ Land use planning
Rationalize the General Land Use Plan process for linkage with zoning ordinances, develop accurate land use database for your community.

Automate zoning queries, Automate zoning notice generation, develop the system as an accurate and reliable spatial data resource for the planning staff, establish accurate links among the Assessor's data base, General Plan and Zoning database.

Future Land use in Las Vegas, NV Community involvement
Get the community's consensus more rapidly with accurate and visual data, conduct "real-time" What-If scenarios with the community at large for future development decisions.

Data integration
Integrate the community's high resolution data with other data sources such as aerial photos and the Census Bureau's socio-economic data bases for more in-depth decision making.

Parcel mapping
Generate parcel level, geographic as well as ownership information databases that can be utilized by virtually all city departments.

Crime area analysis in central Phoenix, AZ Crime analyses
Use the same data generated for the planning department and integrate crime incident data base from the police officers on the beat for more effective crime reduction policies.

Service center location analyses Identify and acquire land for future service centers based on the actual demographic trends as opposed to investing public dollars on a speculative basis.

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