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GIS Southwest has extensive experience in developing GIS data sets and analytical modules specifically for hydrologists and civil engineers involved with flood plain analyses and Areawide Drainage Management Studies. This experience also includes developing GIS based Environmental Impact Analysis software to help engineers conduct "what-if" scenarios for different solutions

Other services specific to this discipline include converting CAD oriented data developed in engineering offices to GIS formats so that it can be used in the subsequent analyses.

Flood plain coverages with street annotation for a wash in Phoenix, AZ
GIS Southwest also specializes in understanding the content and nuances of the Hydrological Information System (HIS) of Maricopa County Flood Control District (MCFCD). This is a GIS specification designed specifically for the District and all the engineering firms working for the District are required to submit their work in this format. GIS Southwest has helped a number of firms over the last several years to meet these requirements. 2 foot contours grouped by color

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