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Marketing Research


GIS Southwest's marketing solutions can answer your most important marketing questions:

Customers from a retail location colored by transaction in Phoenix, AZ

  • Who and where are my existing customers?
  • Who and where are my potential customers?
  • Where are the holes in my market in terms of product, service, class, or geography?
  • How successfully have I penetrated the market?
  • Who should be the focus of my direct marketing campaign?
  • Where are the best sites for facility expansion?
  • Are my sales and service territories staffed correctly and well-managed geographically?
  • Where are my competitors?

With GIS Southwest's technical expertise, the following services help increase your market share and customer knowledge:

Demographics neighboring a location in west Phoenix, AZ Market Potential Analysis- find opportunities for extension of your market

Trade Area Definition- use drive time analysis for the most accurate trade area definition.

Demographic Profiling- pinpoint who and where your customers are.

Lifestyle Segmentation- understand and target your key customers through profiling.

Competitive Analysis- locate potential competitors and their customers.

Site Selection- optimize new site decisions with analytical tools.

Drive Time Analysis- analyze realistic travel patterns, including effects of traffic and geographic barriers.

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