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Natural resource management issues continue to increase in complexity as more conflicting pressures are placed on the use of resources. Consequently, the need for analysis of a variety of management alternatives has increased. The biological interrelationships involved in natural ecosystems require very complex modeling and clear, concise presentation of the outputs of the models for decision making.

GIS can provide the opportunity to conduct these models and produce visual outputs within the framework of spatial juxtaposition. Many biological relationships are dependent on relative spatial arrangement Proximity to water, position on slope, upstream or down stream, adjacency of microclimates and ecotones, all bear heavily on ecosystem health and perpetuation. Drainage Basin statistics
Riparian habitat statistics GIS Southwest, Inc. offers many natural resource services:
  • Data automation - digitizing, scanning, conversion from other formats
  • Data creation - analysis and modeling to create new data from existing
  • Data management - database design, creation, and maintenance
  • Scheduling - inventories, prescribed burns, harvesting, surveys, research plots
  • Mapping - existing resources, analysis results
  • Tracking - fire history, insect/disease incidence, management activities, forest condition
  • Training - qualified s specialist in the use of ARC/INFO products in Natural Resource Applications

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