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Company Profile

Established: GIS Southwest was founded in 1989 as the first full service geographic information systems consulting firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

Services: GIS Southwest, Inc., provides a complete spectrum of geographic information services (GIS) to both private sector and public sector clients, either directly or as a subcontractor. GIS Southwest prepares and maintains extensive databases which support location based decision making through modeling techniques.

Consulting Services:
GIS Southwest provides customer focused solutions in the following specialty areas:

Please see our Application Directory for a structured breakdown of applications which GIS Southwest, Inc. offers.

Corporate Structure:

Strategic Information Systems (SIS)TM:

A division of GIS Southwest, SIS is a distributor of commercial GIS software, hardware, data, and geo-information based publications.

The GIS Institute (GISI)TM:

A division of GIS Southwest, GISI provides highly professional and personalized training in geographic information system solutions.

GIS GlobalTM:

A division of GIS Southwest, GIS Global provides low cost, high quality production and conversion services from its India based production plant to its US clients with American management and American accountability.


A division of GIS Southwest, MetroProfile develops and markets digital land cadastral databases on subscription basis to GIS professionals.

Certification: GIS Southwest, Inc. is recognized as a Minority Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), Maricopa County, AZ, City of Phoenix, and City of Peoria, AZ allowing it to participate in all government sponsored projects requiring MBE/DBE participation. GIS Southwest, Inc. is also certified as an 8(a) firm by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in addition to being certified as a WBE/MBE/DBE firm.

To this date, the firm has completed many projects spanning every facet including data creation, developing standards, creating or advancing analytical methodologies and developing end user based applications. In addition, GIS Southwest, Inc. contributes significantly to the academic community by having its principals teach actively at Arizona State University and University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

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