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GIS Southwest offers a complete spectrum of services in Satellite based remote sensing data analyses and interpretation. In addition, Strategic Information Systems, a division of GIS Southwest offers satellite data in scene from EOSAT(Earth Observation Satellite Company). Some of the applications include:

Land Use, Land Cover Analysis
Satellite data is used to determine what is on and below the surface of the earth in terms of vegetation and minerals at the various times of year. This is useful for petroleum and mining industry.

Land Area Signal Propagation
as influenced by terrain. Satellite data is used to determine the radio spectrum "shadow" caused by the terrain characteristics. This influences the design of cellular antenna and their locations. GIS analyses can help optimize and speed up the process of site selection.

Viewshed Analyses/Visibility Analyses:
Used for park design and road alignment, GIS and satellite data can be used to optimize location of facilities to achieve best views.

Aerial Photography of central Phoenix, AZ

Image Database:
Scene images from all available satellite: Landsat (MSS, TM); IRS, SPOT, Japanese, JERS, ERS and Russian optical images are available for image analysis

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